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Dormicum is a product with a marked effect that allows you to fall asleep quickly. Dormicum is suitable for the short-term treatment of insomnia severe . It is used when the natural rhythm of sleep is disturbed, especially when it is difficult to fall asleep. Most of the time, sleep occurs a few minutes, at the latest around 20 minutes, after taking the product. Shop Dormicum Online.

Dormicum should only be taken in severe insomnia and for a short period of time (usually no more than two weeks). If, exceptionally, your doctor plans a longer treatment, he will discuss this with you and the need for this measure should be checked regularly.

The active substance in Dormicum is midazolam, a benzodiazepine .

Dormicum should only be used on prescription from a doctor.

What should be taken into account apart from the treatment?

Often, it is enough to adapt your living conditions to find a restful sleep. If not, sleeping pills can help. However, you should absolutely avoid taking these products continuously and without asking your doctor for advice.

If you can find natural sleep by adjusting your living conditions, you do not need to take Dormicum.

When should Dormicum not be taken / used or only with caution?

If you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients of Dormicum, or if you wake up at night from interrupted breathing (sleep apnea syndrome), you should not take the product. If you have trouble breathing, tell your doctor. If you have myasthenia gravis, a specific muscle disease, also tell your doctor. In this case, you should not take Dormicum.

In addition, you should not take Dormicum if you are being treated with yeast infection medicines containing any of the following active substances: ketoconazole, itraconazole or voriconazole, if you are being treated with medicines for infections caused by the yeast virus. human immunodeficiency (HIV), which are in the class of medicines called protease inhibitors (including combination preparations containing ritonavir) or if you are taking boceprevir or telaprevir, two medicines used against the hepatitis virus C (HCV).

Dormicum should not be taken in patients with severe liver dysfunction.

Dormicum should not be given to children and adolescents under the age of 18 for the treatment of sleep disorders.

If your general condition is bad, tell your doctor. Dormicum is a product whose action on falling asleep is powerful and rapid. As soon as the substance is absorbed by the body, which takes more or less time depending on the person, Dormicum works intensively. This may already be the case a few minutes after taking the medicine. Therefore, you should only take Dormicum in bed or immediately before going to bed. Then you should be able to sleep uninterrupted for at least six hours.

Particular care should be taken when taking Dormicum in cases of hepatic or renal failure and in case of overweight.

As with other sedative drugs, dosing should be cautious in patients with organic brain damage, in patients with respiratory failure, in patients in poor general condition and in patients undergoing exceptional psychological stress ( increased sensitivity to the drug).

Alcoholic drinks can make Dormicum work better. Your reactions may then become imprecise. It is therefore best that you completely abstain from alcohol while taking Dormicum or that you do not drink alcoholic beverages a few hours before taking this medicine.

Dormicum film-coated tablets contain lactose. You should not take this medicine if you have certain inherited problems with sugar metabolism.

Several drugs taken together can affect each other. Therefore, tell your doctor which medicines you are taking in addition to Dormicum.

You should only take any medicines in addition to Dormicum with your doctor’s permission.

The following medicines strengthen the action and possibly also the side effects of Dormicum:

– Other medicines that depress the central nervous system, such as certain analgesics and sleeping pills, certain cough products (opiates), certain medicines for depression, other medicines to treat states of anxiety, tension and excitement, which are part of the group of benzodiazepines, certain anesthetic drugs;

– Certain drugs against allergies (antihistamines) and certain drugs of central action against arterial hypertension;

– Medicines for seizures (antiepileptics);

– Certain antibiotics, certain drugs against fungal infections;

– Certain products against HIV and HCV;

– Medicines to treat certain heart diseases, containing the active ingredients diltiazem or verapamil;

– Medicines against nausea and vomiting, containing the active substances aprepitant, netupitant, casopitant.

The following medicines decrease the action of Dormicum:

– Medicines against seizures, containing the active ingredients phenytoin or carbamazepine;

– Medicines against certain bacterial infections, containing the active principle rifampicin;

– Anticancer drugs, containing the active ingredients enzalutamide or mitotane;

– St. John’s Wort.

Risk of dependence

Treatment with Dormicum can – as with all products containing benzodiazepines – be addictive. This can mainly occur when the product is taken uninterrupted for a prolonged period (in some cases, after a few weeks already) and result, if the drug is suddenly stopped, in withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, headaches, muscle cramps, convulsions and sweating. Usually these manifestations subside after two to three weeks. Shop Dormicum Online.

To minimize the risk of addiction, please adhere to the following guidelines:

– only take Dormicum on prescription from your doctor;

– never increase the dose prescribed by the doctor;

– if you want to stop taking the medicine, tell your doctor;

– your doctor will periodically decide whether it is necessary to continue treatment;

Long-term treatment (usually more than four weeks) should only take place under strict medical supervision.

This medicine may affect reactions, the ability to drive, and the ability to use tools or machines. Reactions may be even more affected if you get too little sleep or drink alcohol.

Your doctor will decide how long you should not drive or operate machinery after taking Dormicum, as your reactions may be slowed down during this time.

Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if

– you suffer from another disease,

– you are allergic,

– you are already taking other medicines for internal or external use (even self-medication!). Shop Dormicum Online.

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