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KETASET (ketamine hydrochloride) is a rapid acting, nonbarbiturate general anesthetic for cats, chemically designated 2-(o-chlorophenyl)-2-methylamino-cyclohexanone hydrochloride. It is supplied as a slightly acid (pH 3.5 – 5.5) solution for intramuscular injection in a concentration containing ketamine (as ketamine hydrochloride) 100 mg per mL and contains 0.10 mg/mL benzethonium chloride as a preservative, and water for injection q.s. as a non-medicinal ingredient,Ketaset For Sale Near Me

Ketaset Indications

KETASET (ketamine hydrochloride) is an anesthetic which may be used as a sole agent for restraint and for minor surgical procedures where muscle relaxation is not required in the domestic cat. Additional analgesia should be provided as needed.

Ketaset Dosage And Administration

KETASET (ketamine hydrochloride) is administered by intramuscular injection.

Withholding food for at least 6 hours prior to induction of anaesthesia by Ketaset is recommended when preparing for elective surgery.


11-33 mg/kg body weight depending on the degree of restraint or the type of minor surgical procedure that is intended. The following dosages are indicated as a guide but may need to be adjusted depending on the physical condition of the patient and the use of sedatives and premedicants,Ketaset For Sale Near Me

Dose mg/kg Clinical Procedure
11-22 Minor Restraint
22-33 Minor surgery and restraint of fractious cats
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